About Us
Established 1902
Family owned for three generations
Operated by the present owner for 35 years
Door keyper is the oldest locksmith shop in the area, spanning three generations.
The first generation was Albert Meacham who established his business in 1902, located on
Union Avenue in Pasadena. He serviced the San Gabriel Valley for locksmithing, knife and
scissor sharpening, and parasol repair. His hobby was mining for minerals. As you can see
from the above picture, the shop was an all around hang out shop for the local men.
The second generation was the Meacham Brothers - Mal and Bill Meacham took over the
business in 1922. They later moved the business to 1989 East Colorado Blvd. where they
also specialized in, and manufactured high security locks. Mel developed and designed high
security locks and specialized in small production locks for Yale due to the complexity of the
locking system. Mel manufactured the high security lock for the nuclear submarines.
Meacham brothers was the first service company to service automatic doors when they
were introduced to retailers. In 1967, Bill was the recipient of the
"Philadelphia Award", the
security industry's most prestigious award known as the Locksmith's Oscar
The third generation is Stan Cook, who took over in 1974 and continues to run the business.
The name was changed from Meacham Brothers to Doorkeyper to incorporate additional
services which were provided to the commercial door and door hardware industry.  Through
the changing times, Stan has been dedicated to the industry and remains committed to provide
trust, experience and professional and exceptional service to Doorkeyper's customers.  
Doorkeyper's employees continue on with his dedication by taking time to understand the
customer's requirements and by providing technical expertise along with high quality
workmanship to our customers.
1105 N. Allen Avenue
Pasadena, CA 91104
Fax 626-794-7451
email : doorkeyperinc@yahoo.com